X-ray of a Youth Soccer Player

Depending on their age, people view sport from very different perspectives. The following interview was conducted with a young Peruvian to give an idea of ​​what goes through the mind of an adolescent soccer player, taking into account that the cultural aspect can also influence.

This interview was carried out with a youth soccer player. In it, it was sought to inquire about aspects such as family, motivations, fun, commitments, responsibilities, good things, pressures and / or psychological effects that occur in the face of different situations. It has the consent of the player and the teacher to be published.

The footballer during the interview was calm, calm, comfortable, safe, confident and collaborative.

  • What sport do you play? Soccer … and in general, athletics, volleyball … the only sport that I have not practiced is golf.
  • What position do you play in? Left side.
  • What age did you start practicing it? Since I was little, 5 -6 years old.
  • At what age did you start competing?

He was competing for school X, the first championship was in third grade and in club Y (one of the most renowned minors in Peru) at 10, it was small soccer, soccer 5. Later in another club and the last season in another club (one of the most important in Pero, but he does not want to stay because they want to force him to sign until he is 20 years old, his father is his representative). I am looking at the possibility of finishing fifth in average in the USA and when I finish school I want to go to Spain to try.

  • What motivates you to practice it?

Soccer is like a world next to the normal world, school, your life and when you think of a field and you are there, it is something else, kicking a ball is different … it is the best.

  • ¿ What motivates you to compete?

Winning … apart from winning in all kinds of competitions, you meet people, they look at you, and how you play, many times I have been approached by the coaches of the other teams I have played against, top teams, the most recognized, to tell me that he is going to try me … and they yen you, apart from the competition … is to stand out and always be one of the best.

  • Do you enjoy recreational or competitive sports more? By which?

It depends … by deciding, in recreational football, kicking but because really in football (5 against 5 in a small field and soccer ball) I’m not very good because I have long gases. For example: I got into a soccer championship and I am not good at all, playing, and everyone goes and it is not the vox because I am not very good, but when it is football I hesitate a lot that people go to see because if I am good, but little shit … I don’t have the ability to dribble and shoot.

  • What obligations or responsibilities do you have (sports, school, home, etc.)?

School is basic to go to training, to start I have to do my homework, because my father is like that, he tells me: “you do your homework and from there you go to play, if you don’t do your homework you can’t go play.” I kill to play soccer, so I do them. I don’t have many house obligations because there is an employee, sometimes I wash the car when I ask my father.

  • What is the preparation you do for your sport?

Now since I have leveling classes (summer courses) I am training alone, I go out to run all the marianas, when I go to the beach on the weekend, I start to sting in mushroom sand, 10 m sprints. And then at home for half an hour of little games, dominated, I grab the ball, put it on my head, stop to begin to polish my technique, whenever I have a bow, 20-30 min., I get to carry it alone, I do feints and I kick at the goal, to be quick, to be quick. In the club it was every afternoon at 5:00 pm, after doing homework, in a club it was much more relaxed, calm, you did not have to run, they did not take lists, it was much more relaxed, now it has become more 0161 because being playing major championships, it was a kind of place where you played soccer with your kicks. In the current club it is physical Monday in reduced spaces (spades, power, now they do the preseason in sand), mutes is more for jogging, to jump all the spats you have done, Wednesday is the gym, Thursday is a practice game and Friday is technical talk, and when you are in the championship most of the time it is concentrations.

  • How does your family live the practice of your sport?

I want to be a footballer to begin with and my father weighed down by an experience that his brother wanted to be a musician and my grandfather did not want to because he wanted him to be an engineer, he did not let him. My dad supports me 100% but I have to finish fifth in average, he tells me you finish fifth in average and you can do whatever you want, and we are already talking about going to Spain to try out teams, to see how I do in the life as a footballer and if not, I will come to Lima and start studying at the University.

  • For which and for which do you play soccer?

Because soccer for me makes you happy, when you make a play … there are things that you never know, there are people who will never feel what a footballer can feel, score a goal, total sensation, one huacha (cello) is to humiliate the other person, that they make you a huacha is that they humiliate you, there are sensations … scoring a goal at your own goal (own goal), total despair, going 2-1 down and not being able to come back, there are a lot of sensations that people who did not practice Sport cannot live them… winning a medal, it’s like an achievement, getting to a first-rate team, being hired, being hired in a first-rate team, these are sensations that someone who does not play sports cannot feel.

  • What is playful pleasure?

For me, the athlete has two pleasures, the pleasure of playing and the pleasure of winning. And … many of them have pleasure, the pleasure of playing and not the pleasure of silver, for example you think that Beckham who earns millions for playing for Real Madrid, still earns millions for being a model and could right now if he wants to retire and be millionaire because he still has money to give up his grandchildren … and it is not that, it is the pleasure of playing, the pleasure of people in a stadium shouting your name … that is the pleasure of playing.

  • Do you think you get it in soccer?

Yes, with all those feelings that I have told you right now, with all those bad or good feelings, you learn, you learn in some way to live. For example: soccer is something for me that would mean, when you lose, you will be serious about your mistakes, what the team did not do, what it should have done, the same in life when you fail in a business, something like that, you have to see what thing went wrong and make it better.

  • With high performance professional can you enjoy?

Totally, the maximum pleasure of a professional footballer is to win a trophy … to start, win a cup, because now … it is a pleasure to play, to be there … it is not a duty to win a cup but it is like the inputs … the pleasure … the maximum that someone can win is the World Cup, then the Champions League, it is the maximum that a soccer player can aspire to.

  • Can it be enjoyed with 50,000 people in the rostrum, with television broadcasting for X million people?

Eh … the general public is more._ “I love you when you win and I detest you when you lose” … the same is the Peruvian team … the same Peruvian team … when they lose they shrink, when they score a goal they can’t, they’ve already lost their incentive and Much of that is generated by what they are going to say, I remember that a coach of mine from X club was the coach of the sub 17 who went to the South American … they did not score a point or score a goal, they did nothing, practically it was not … And he used to say that when a game ended (and there were players recognized today in Peru) it was that they scored a goal, the game ended and they went to the hotel and the first thing they said was what Peru will say when they find out that we have lost. So what is in your favor is … for example Beckham , there are people who buy: 1. From him because he uses them … then you are an idol but sometimes they also hate you, so you can feel both supported and not supported, there are two faces, the thing is to do things right.

  •                                 Can you enjoy it when the fans are at the side, encouraging or insulting during the game?
  • As I told you, for example … you are not going to wait being from Madrid that they applaud you at the Nou Camp. It’s that… when you’re a footballer who already wants to be a professional, it’s like a job, it’s already a profession, it’s already assuming that you’re doing it well or assuming that you screwed up (you screwed up), it’s always trying to do the best you can. If you start to say, if you ask me: 6-16 do you think a player has fun? You have fun in training, you have fun in concentration, you have fun when it is in your hand. la orejona (Champions Cup) but in the game it is as if you were in your office … as if you were signing a contract, it is the same seriousness, you have to stay serious, you have to be focused, on the people who are inside the court, your 10 shares and the 11 rivals … you can have fun … for example Ronaldinho Gaúcho , he hesitates even though he is losing but just the other day he was expelled and everyone saw that he was not having fun, he sent the referee to where his Mom and you can see that at that time he was not having fun. To have fun and when you do simple things like Ronaldinho who makes a feint and passes it or runs the entire court and scores, there if you have fun … eat, you are not going to have fun.
    • Can it be enjoyed at a competitive level, when you play for fame, prestige, glory, or money? No, there are people who play for money, definitely those are the people who do not succeed, for example the condor Mendoza (striker for Brujas de Belgium and the Peruvian team, who is attributed the Peruvian elimination from the World Cup, because he fails the winning goal against Ecuador in Lima), that pate plays for silver, he does not play for the shirt, because they have hired me to defend and play Welsh and because I love this club, that pate goes for silver, in a report he says: “Stop I am going to play Wales in Peru if not they pay me”, José “Puma” Carranza himself (a symbolic player of the Sports University, retired last year, and an emblematic figure of this club, he never changes teams). life, not because of bad, they tried to hire him once he left the Peruvian team, but because it was his shirt, the one he was defending, I think the old Uribe people, the same “tank” La Rosa … before in England, the people who worked in the mines, who paid shillings to the footballers, they worked in mines and from there he went to play soccer, those pates if they were for his shirt, they were to defend his club.
    • Do you consider the theme of the game important in the OW? 6 Why?

Clara, all the coaches who at least have trained me at some point have played a game, three from the game there is a tactic, there is something that will stay with you, what you have left is the game, they try to pass the game. I play the field, for example when you do swaps, hedges, all those things you learn in tactics … but when, for example: I remember that in X club a pate (friend) of mine told me that on Fridays finishing afternoon training they did like celebrating Wales, so those things amuse you, it’s a fun part of training… which I think is totally% / elide and more so for minors, for boys who are going to become footballers or want to dedicate themselves to soccer.

    • Do you think Ronaldinho can play well without having fun? By which?

I believe that Ronaldinho plays for the public, if you notice every time Ronaldinho does something he looks up or the side laughs because the east. Trying that Barza apart from being an important club has its touch of emotion, magic and… if it seems to me that if he didn’t play with that joy that makes him… stop starting he wouldn’t be the best soccer player.

    • Do you have the same fun in training as in competitions?

No well … when you compete you are more psyched, I have to do this, I have to do that, so I have to move, I have to go to take centers and come back, go and come back, score, wait for the other side to pass and then otherwise pass your gases, you have to be more concentrated. In training there are parts that are more pichanga, there are parts in which you are marking the other and you grab them and lower their pants and they laugh at each other, there is a technician that I had as a boy that if you told a bad joke (joke) you It fell blow, they made a round of blow, you die of laughter, in the competition if you are mentalized in what you have to do.

    • Do you feel pressure when you compete? What do you feel?

I feel pressure when I know I am not doing things right. I think I have to improve, the points that are not good to do well. When you have pressure you get tired, you get exhausted … remember that football is physical and mental and when you are under pressure you are constantly thinking and it does not let you flow, that you physically overcome yourself, like you are thinking that you have to do this or that and you are not concentrated on what you have to do physically, then you get exhausted, you get tired. You get hard, the ball passes you and you are thinking about what things you are doing wrong, instead of what you have to do.

    • Does the public have any effect on you?

Yes, in me yes, quite a lot, but not in many players. For example, I hesitate (I like

    • pleases) quite a lot, when I’ve been with a girlfriend I liked her to go see me … also, when my dad goes … when he goes it’s not that I don’t like him, what happens is that my dad is quite critical, he likes me to do the Things are good, he does not do it because he is bad, but rather seems to make me better at everything, he tells me that you are doing well, but you are lacking in this, that is why I do not hesitate much to go … when people come to me. Seeing, coaches, there if I hesitate a lot because since I know they have come to see me, I show myself and I like that, but there are people who feel pressure when they go to see them, they feel pressured that they have to be better because they are there , I play the same if they are there or not there… actually I play better, I like that they go to see me.
    • What competition situations do you dislike?

The Peruvian referees seem the worst to me … for example when they were all hired by X team and they got favored when they played against them, in the sub 17, they invented penalties, they invented things that had nothing to do with it. In the last championship against X we put him 4 – 0. I don’t like fights either, when they fight in football because that takes away the beauty and I don’t hesitate that they put a lot of technology into it, for example now in the U-17 World Cup, ours (was made in

They put synthetic paste, the ball had a chip, that already takes away the emotion. In other words, what would be the story if Maradona did not put his hand in when he nodded. He’s human, that’s why he exists.

In the Area, Vs (Peru’s soccer programs), the Raí, the controversy, it was or it was not an advanced position, it was or it was not a penalty, it was a goal or not, that is the beauty of football … For example: that there is a Let me tell you from above if it was a fault or not, let the referee stop with a microphone, that’s already very gringo.

    • What do you think when you compile?

That I have to do the best I can always. When things don’t work out, I think that if it doesn’t work out in this one, it will work out the next. I am not negative, on the contrary. There are a lot of them that if they don’t get a play, they don’t get one in the whole game, but that player does not triumph. The one who keeps his mind positive and wants to climb one more step in each game is the one who triumphs.

    • Do you have fun in competitions?

Yes, if things are going well for my team, yes, I quite like going to win, not going to be a null team, I like it too … I love the games that we draw … if we had done this we would have won, I would have won them. Matches that we draw are the ones that teach me the most, those that we lose not so much … because you put the kick in, those that we tie are the beautiful ones. The ones that we draw are the ones that teach you the most because there is no loser or winner to begin with, that is where you find out that the game was close, then by not remaining at zero … it also gives you the possibility to analyze what we would have done, if we did. This we got two more points, we got one point but two points would have been better, you are not left empty-handed.

    • What could a soccer team do to have fun on the field?

Hire a Brazilian … hahaha … I don’t know. Because the Brazilians are the ones who put the magic on … what a great team in the world does not have a Brazilian, tell me one, none, Barcelona: Ronaldinho … there is none, there is none, the only one he did not have was Chelsea but he already hired one … no I know his name but a boy Cizinho’s age , another of those monsters they have. For example: when we brought Julinho (a Brazilian nationalized Peruvian, he played for the Peruvian team) the team advanced a little more … and I really don’t understand why the Peruvian team doesn’t go to the World Cup.

For example, the other time Kike Wolf, from ESPN, the commentator, interviewed Claudio Pizarro and did not understand why the Peruvian team could not reach a World Cup, that is, people say Brazil, Argentina are favorites, Colombia has a maximum of three players who play abroad, only two players from the last team, from our last great game against the Ecuadorian team (after this Pablo Autori , the coach, resigned because he was offended when the congress asked him to account for his contract with the Peruvian Federation of football and Freddy Ternero was hired for the last dates) only two were ace players Ibanez (goalkeeper, nationalized Argentine) and Vilchez (central), but the demos all play outside, what team in the world their two forwards are the two forwards of one of the most powerful teams in the world: Pizarro and Guerrero… don’t send yourself… Let Ferran (plays for PSV Eindhoven ) score a goal to Milan, loque6 in the match against Stam (central). How to catch him, I had to grab his shirt so that it doesn’t happen, that Nol Nolberto Solana, plays for Newcasttle ) who makes incredible free throws and good precision, even Chorri (Roberto Palacios, plays at LDU in Quito) Yesterday he scored three goals, Acasiete (defense) who plays in Spain… We have a very good team and we don’t take advantage of it, that’s the problem. It seems to me that the coach will start … for example: the Brazilian … which is to decide between whether Ronaldo plays or Adriano plays … don’t send yourself …

    • What could you do to improve your skills?

To train. Basic, train. Be multifaceted, if you don’t hit him well with your left foot, train that, if you are skillful but slow, practice in the sand to get quick, otherwise you are not good at heading you catch a ball, hang it, jump and head, then training is a month ”) of things you can do in those moments.


    • Soccer is a phenomenon of happiness for him.
    • Soccer is a school of life.
    • It is important to introduce the game into technical and tactical work.
    • Considers fun important in the different processes of the OW.
    • Fun seems to be an important factor for success.
    • The successful professional footballer plays for pleasure, not for money, fame, fortune, or otherwise.
    • You don’t know how to apply fun to your competition well.
    • He considers joy inherent in Brazilian culture.
    • Likes to receive outside attention.
    • External attention increases your motivation.
    • External attention increases your performance.
    • Lack of external attention diminishes their performance. He does not know how to lose, he does not analyze defeats, he closes himself against criticism.
    • It is difficult for him to receive criticism.
    • Analyze the ties.
    • Generally maintains an influx of positive energy during competitions.
    • Do you consider that the technical gesture is the key, will you work after each training to be better?
    • It goes against the authority (referees): manual of excuses, external, wastes energy.