Sex before competitions


This article deals with the implications of having sex during the period of sports competitions and how they influence performance and subsequent sports result.

On the occasion of the soccer World Cup that has just happened (Germany 2006), an issue that is not from this World Cup or this time comes to light, but has already been discussed for many years without there being a consensus and it is the subject of the competing sex.

Oriental meditation practices consider that vital energy, chi or ki , accumulates in the pubic area and specifically in the semen, so this must be contained and stored to contain the strength of the person, since the chi would come out with this fluid, weakening the person. These practices lead to being able to withstand aggressions with hammers, sticks, ropes and / or nails without any external or internal damage due to the management of energy, but this requires years of practice, and they also serve to control male orgasm, ejaculation, being able to achieve even orgasms without ejaculation, hence the theme of the multi-orgasmic man , to preserve strength. Rickson Gracie , one of the greatest jiu jitsers in history and a former fighter on Tuesday mixed martial arts or everything, who practiced Yoga, stopped having sex two weeks before a fight for the aforementioned.

Research indicates that sexual activity is psychologically healthy, reduces stress and anxiety and relaxes, providing a feeling of well-being and pleasure to the person who practices it and the energy that is lost in intense sexual activity is minimal for an athlete, About 100 calories and you get a little fructose (1) and you recover quickly.

(1) Carbohydrates that are an important source of energy, it is a monosaccharide that is found in fruits, vegetables and honey.

Johan Cruyff (former captain of the Dutch team of 1974, of Barcelona and former manager of this same club) said that he played better when he had sex before a game. The pioneers of female visits to the rallies were the Dutch in the World Cup in Germany 74.

Carlos Alberto Parreira, (Brazil’s coach in the last World Cup) before the 2006 World Cup in Germany: “They asked me if sex is forbidden. No, sex is liberated as it always was. It was never forbidden ”. 

In reality, the difficulty that sexual activity in sport can bring is more mental than physical, that is, if the person has the belief that by having sex they will perform poorly in their sport, it will indeed happen this way, but not due to a physical issue. but psychological.

Tassos Stalikas (Greek sports psychologist): “If the athlete has social or religious conditioning, the influence of sex is negative. But scientifically it has not been shown that sex before competing has a negative influence ”. German doctors and Russian psychologists are in favor of pre-competition sex.  

It is important to mention that high-level athletes had sexual relations in the 2004 Athens sports village, as evidenced by 1000 daily condoms that were distributed among athletes thanks to the donation of 130’000 condoms by the Durex brand .

The other difficulty is the disorder that can be generated when sex is associated with harmful behaviors that will cause a decrease in performance, such as the consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, late nights, discos, sexual marathons and this is more feasible and probable in the single than with the married. However, with married or engaged people there may be other problems such as the emotional distractions generated by the wives and the friction between them, which deconcentrate the player.

Parreira: “I don’t think that making love the day before a game can affect a player. It’s just sex, no problem. The problem is that a player does not sleep, smoke or drink alcohol. Sex? No, sex is always welcome ”. 

Some coaches consider it inappropriate to take wives to competitions, since they homologate it with war (sports in some way are the expression of the socialization of wars and more so the collectives) and say: “war is not taken to the wives ”, of course what is not said is that, for example, the Spartans, one of the most important Polis in Greece, were great warriors and had sexual activity between men during wars.

The reality is that it is nothing more than a personal option, since each one knows each other and knows what works best for the competitions. The athlete’s custom must be respected, since wanting to change his habits can bring restlessness, anxiety, stress, annoyance or anger. The coach must seek a balance between the individuality of the athlete and what is best for the group.


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