Kina Malpartida was born March 25, 1980 in Lima. Peru. She is the daughter of his Susy Dyson , international top model , and Oscar -Chino ” Malpartida , three-time national from South (1972, 1908 and 1981). He has a younger brother named Alvaro who is a professional surfer (two-time champion of the ‘Cabo Blanco Tube Riders ‘ 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 championship). She grew up in Punta Hermosa with her family where she was a neighbor and friend of Sofía Mulanovich (2004 World Surf Champion). his parents were friends of his and he studied at Roosevelt College.

He had very good aptitudes for sports. At the age of six her mother took her to do acrobatic gymnastics, dance and she decided to practice Karate (she became a brown belt). At school he excelled in soccer (he played with the men), basketball and tennis. At thirteen he began to practice Surfing, competing for the first places with Sofía Mulanovich , the finals were always between them and they won each other. She didn’t take it that seriously. it was more ” Soul surfer ” ( surfer of the soul). I never really liked the competition in the South, it was not my passion, I did it because everyone encouraged me and gave me clothes and boards, but the idea of ​​competing was what I hated the most.

When he was 15 years old, his father died in an accident. jumping parachute. At the age of 19 he left Surfing and travels to Australia with his brother to study, moving to Queensland, managing restaurants and cooking. I chose that career because my family was always linked to restaurants, my dad owned the Mediterráneo Chicken and El Salto del Fraile. Also, then I had the vision that food in Peru was going to develop a lot and. look at you. I got it right . Source:

At 23 he started boxing. after a friend took her to the gym. he liked it and stayed. He made his debut in 2003. After his first three fights he saved money by being a lifeguard and washing boats and went to the USA. California. In 2004 he won his first title the -Pan Pacific Lightweight Championship ”. In November 2005 he returned to Australia to obtain citizenship because he had problems obtaining a visa to go to the USA, he returned settling in Los Angeles , California. In 2006 her manager extorted her by withholding her papers in California. since she no longer wanted to fight there. He trains at the Maywood Boxing Gym California and in 2007 he was offered a fight for the world title but he preferred to wait. My dream regarding boxing is to become a world champion and be the best fighter

She has represented Peru in Surfing by competing in the 1996 and 2006 ISA World Championships, both in Huntington Beach, USA, obtaining in both the 13th position. For 2006 she replaced a selected one that due to lack of funds could not travel (she lives in Califomia ), she had not competed for eight years and entered the sea a couple of times a week, however she did it in the best way putting a lot of heart as she says.

On February 21, Kina , alias -dinamita ”, 28 years old, with 1.77 m., 58 kg. and with twelve fights (9 won, 3 by KO, and 3 losses), he faced the favorite, champion and local Maureen Shea , at Madison Square Garden (the most important boxing scene in the world), in New York (se known as ° EI greatest in the world arena “) and 50000 viewers watching live. She falls in the first round, then recovers and ends up knocking out her rival (she had never been knocked out or lost in her sports history) with her best shot (her forehand).

Despite working in a clothing store to cover his expenses, not having a representative, press officer, support from the IPD (Peruvian Institute of Sport) sponsors or others and attending the fight only with his brother ( Alvaro ) and his American coach (Charles Huerta) became the first Peruvian to become world champion in Boxing, by obtaining the 2009 WBA (World Boxing Association) world title in the Super Feather category. The only Peruvian fighters Those who had fought for the world boxing title without achieving it had been Orlando Romero, Oscar Rivadeneyra and Luis Ibáñez, all in 1983. Always having the desire and not letting that desire disappear from your head, is something very special. The opportunity arises because it belongs to you and it is your destiny, because you did not let go of that thought and that is what happened, because so much has happened to me (manager who scammed her, visa and money problems). And yet, as a result of everything, the moment appeared, that is what it has cost, it has cost a lot. It is not the training, the training is the easy thing, if I had a person who chooses the fights for me and tells me what to do, a manager and a good person who is guiding me well, it is easy. But I do not have that and I have never had that, I have had people who have led me in bad ways and have hurt me but, nevertheless, I have distanced myself from those people and now I have met very good people in Maywood , California and they have helped me so much, so much, so much… thank God I have achieved this, they have guided me a lot.

Champion Profile:

► perseverance and tenacity: No he imported the Obst to asses which he always had continued to or forward esforz to ndose.

► determination or n, courage, bravery í a, esp í Spirit of struggle and frustration tolerance: Showed that in life and in sport. To overcome the death of the father in his adolescence, to go to another country to live and study, to decide to become a professional boxer (at an age that no longer corresponded), to overcome the scam of a representative, to get dual Australian citizenship to compete in the USA because the IPD (Peruvian Sports Institute) could not successfully process the document before the American embassy.

To overcome the contempt of her rival’s representative in the title fight who told her that she was far below the level of the former world champion (she was telling her that they put her on a ‘package’), training professionally while she had to work, not having sponsors or representatives and to recover from a Knock Down (knocked down) in the first round, to name a few examples. Despite all the aforementioned, she ends up knocking out her rival in the tenth and final round, becoming a world champion.

► Resilience : Term used by metallurgy to describe the property that some bodies have of returning to their original state after being subjected to a deforming pressure. Psychology adopted this term to describe people, like Kina , who have the ability to forge positive life behavior or to build a successful reality, despite difficult environmental circumstances. It is the ability of the human being to leave

forward and succeed, despite being in an inadequate means for personal development, difficulties and circumstances difficult and / or adversities that arise, recover to these or other adversities and above offer the best. It is the incredible ability that a person develops to get the best of himself against all odds, as if he wanted to defy statistics and probabilities, or even logic. Arturo Woodman (IPD president): She approached me six months ago (before the title fight) and asked me to recommend her to the United States Embassy so they can give her a visa. We did, but they denied it. She showed character and determination to enter the championship representing Australia. Source: El Comercio -A2 (02/23/09). It was not easy to get here. I have had to live very hard times, but everything has helped me to learn, to meet people who value what I do and who are happy for this unique opportunity that I have.

Source: http: /

► Commitment: Mostr or commitment to your goals and your sport. To make all the necessary efforts to become world champion, her success has not been by chance.

► effort, discipline and é tica of work: Luis Miguel ” Magoo ” La Rosa Toro (champion or world n Surf Grandmaster ISA 2007): If you had seen you train … gets up at 4 am, then bed í aa the 7:00 am and then did his things. Only with that vehemence can you become a world champion. Source: El Comercio – A2 (02/23/09)

► Competitiveness: That was developed from é little to compet í to Surf and nourished by the great rivalry that DESARROLL or with Sofía Mulanovich , despite being friendly out of the sea. This served both of them a lot, it is not for nothing that they are both world champions. Enjoy the competition, measure yourself, compare yourself with a rival and with yourself, constantly seeking to improve yourself.

► Achievement motivation: A person’s effort to master a task, excel, overcome obstacles, perform better than others, and take pride in their qualities (Murray, 1938). Achievement motivation is an orientation of the person towards the effort to be successful in a certain task, persistence despite failures, and the feeling of pride in the performances carried out (Gill, 1986). Source: ( Weinberg and Gould , 1996)

► Self – confidence: I am very happy because fighting é by t í world title, something I’ve always wanted. I feel very strong, I am physically well and I feel that on the night of the 21st I will be able to celebrate, with the Peruvian flag next to it. Source: El Comercio – A2 (02/23/09).

► Locus internal control: ascribes his victories and failures as í itself, this is the approach of champions and allowing you to continue to improve as it is responsible for their sports performance and is what gives you control over them .

► Optimism: always remained positive and optimistic about the conviction or n that achieve their goals despite the difficulties.

► Sue ñ os: So ñ aba your goal, visualizing your goal. When imagines person who is to doing an activity, work the m muscles that are used when the sport becomes, but with less intensity and if the display is very vivid, the brain does not distinguish the reality of the dream, so it is as if it is actually being performed (with all the technical, physical , tactical and psychological benefits that this brings). I always had the dream of being a world champion. Source: El Comercio – A2 (02/23/09)

► Humility: Recognizes that receiv é n starts and still í to him a lot to learn.

► Models: About Sof í to Mulanovich : She was my example and inspiration or n because what logr or did it alone. S or I chose another sport because it made it easier to try to be professional boxing. Source: El Comercio – A2 (02/23/09).

► Identity and gratitude: It feels and knows Peruvian, although the pa í s not give him the opportunities he needed and the pettiness of some character of the state that no

recognizes his success as a Peruvian, not wanting to give Los Laureles sports with the mention “La Gran Cruz”, which corresponds to him for being Peruvian despite having dual nationality (Australian). Let us also remember that there are no participations by countries in professional boxing but it is on a personal basis. Publicly thanks Australia’s support. Basically on two points: for providing him with higher education and a visa to fight in the USA. more did not give. I am very proud of what I have achieved. Australia helped me get my visa and that’s why I feel Australian. But I was born in Peru, and I am very proud of both countries. Source: El Comercio – A2 (02/23/09). I am more Peruvian than ají panca. v = 1 v7A-LLIf_g & feature = related

► Intelligence Kinest é music (Gardner, 1983) is the intelligence of the body, the m muscles, is the ability to unite the processes of thinking (cognition it or n) with body movements to solve a problem. It allows you to have coordination, speed, strength, explosiveness, and more. Sport that she did, sport in which she excelled, that is why she has been able to be world champion in a sport that she just began to practice at the age of 23.

► Biotipo: High for category í a, slender and long – limbed.

► High pain threshold: You have a good tolerance to pain, as you should have in combat and contact sports.
Loose data:

► Female Boxing: Used chest protector, is bout a m to maximum of ten rounds of two minutes each (men fight an M to maximum twelve three minutes).

► AMB: World champion is the Association he or World Boxing n. the association or n boxing m to s important and prestigious in the world.

► Other associations Boxing: World Boxing Council (WBC), Federation or International Boxing n (FIB) and the Organization or World Boxing n (OMB).

► é cords: First t í world professional boxing title for Per ú . First Peruvian woman to obtain a world boxing title. Mario Testino wants to photograph her.

Dreams come true, when one perseveres and always has a wish on his mind, he does not let it go and despite adversity he maintains that dream, that vision.

Many times that dream comes true, and I saw that for myself last night (the day he won the WBA world title). Source:
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